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Leads aim primarily to facilitate access to generated contacts by automatically registering them. The automated system is responsible for registering leads from various communication sources such as SMS, WhatsApp, Email, and the web. This process simplifies contact management for users, enabling them to access contacts quickly.

Registration Process #

SMS and WhatsApp:

As soon as a conversation begins via SMS or WhatsApp, Gloria automatically registers the associated phone number as a lead.


Upon receiving an email, Gloria automatically registers the sender’s email address as a prospective client.


On the website, prospective clients are registered when users leave their email address or phone number.

Access to Leads #

  1. Registered leads are available for access through the Leads view in the backoffice.
  2. Users can search, filter, and view leads according to their needs.
  3. Additionally, users can view the conversation from which the lead was obtained.

The Leads view with automatic registration simplifies contact management by eliminating the need for manual registration. This functionality enhances operational efficiency and user experience by ensuring that no important contact is lost.