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Home Screen – Center of the Application #

The home screen is the core of the Gloria AI application, where users will find several sections organized for intuitive and efficient navigation.

Features Home 1

First Section: Activities and News #

In this section, users have access to recent activities and relevant news related to Gloria AI. Here they might find system updates, important announcements, or any other content relevant to their experience with the platform.

Features Home 2

Second Section: Plan Management and Payment Method #

This section provides easy access to details of your subscription plan and payment method. Here users can upload their company logo and explore details of their current plan, including included features and any available upgrade options.

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Third and Fourth Sections: Gloria Usage Analytics #

In these sections, users can find detailed analytics on the usage of Gloria AI, providing valuable insights to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the platform.

1. Number of Conversations in the Last 30 Days: 

This section presents data on the number of active sessions in the last 30 days period. Users can observe usage trends over time and understand how they interact with Gloria at different times.

Features Home 4

2. Analysis of Gloria’s Most Used Period:

Here, detailed analysis is shown for the period when users are most active on Gloria AI over the last 7 days. Users can view information on the hours and dates with the highest level of activity, enabling them to optimize resource management and customer support according to usage patterns.

Features Home 5

Overall, Gloria AI’s home screen offers a comprehensive, user-centered experience, providing quick access to relevant information, management tools, and detailed analytics to optimize platform usage.