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Admin’s Profile

admin profile 1

The Admin’s Profile view provides account administrators with the necessary tools to manage their personal information, configure notifications, and access other key configuration options.

View Elements: #

  1. Personal Information:
    • Administrator Name: Allows viewing and editing of the account administrator’s name.
    • Administrator Email: Displays the email address associated with the account administrator.
  2. Notification Settings:
    • Users to be Notified via Email: List of email addresses to which notifications about account activity will be sent.
    • Receive Notifications via SMS (optional): Option to enter a phone number to which notifications about account activity will be sent.
    • Receive Notifications About:
      • Marked Conversation: Allows choosing to receive notifications when a conversation is marked as important.
      • New Conversation: Option to receive notifications when a new conversation is initiated.
      • Live Chat: Ability to receive notifications when a user initiates a live chat.
  3. Buttons:
    • Save: Allows saving changes made to the account settings.
    • Change Password: Opens a pop-up window to change the account password.
    • Delete Account: Allows permanently deleting the account.

Features: #

  1. Edit Personal Information:
    • Administrators have the ability to edit their name and email address as needed.
  2. Configure Notifications:
    • They can select users who should receive notifications via email and SMS about account activity.
  3. Activate or Deactivate Notifications:
    • Administrators have control to enable or disable notifications about marked conversations, new conversations, and live chats.
  4. Change Password:
    • The option to change the account password is provided at any time.
  5. Delete Account:
    • Administrators can permanently delete their account if desired.

Considerations: #

  • Privacy of Personal Information:
    • Administrators’ personal information is kept private and will only be used by Gloria AI’s technical support team to contact them if necessary.
  • Password Change:
    • Administrators are free to change their password at any time to ensure the security of their account.

The Administrator Profile view is an essential tool that provides complete control over personal information, notifications, and other important settings for effective account management.