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Chat Customization

In this section, users can make specific adjustments to tailor the chat experience according to their needs and preferences.

Avatar: #

In the avatar section, users can edit various aspects to customize the appearance of the character representing Gloria AI in the chat:

  • Avatar’s Name: Users can enter a name for the avatar.
  • Avatar Message Bubble: Allows customization of the avatar’s message bubble style, including color, font, and text size.
  • Avatar’s Image: Selects an image for the avatar from a library of predefined images or uploads a custom image.
  • Audio: To enable messages to be read aloud
  • Position: Allows the user to select the position of the avatar in the chat interface.
chat customization 1

Messages: #

In this section, users can adjust the messages displayed during interaction with Gloria AI:

  • Suggested Questions: Allows editing of suggested questions for users.
  • Welcome Message: Allows customization of the welcome message users receive when starting the conversation.
  • Not Found Messages: Allows editing of messages displayed when Gloria AI cannot find an appropriate response.
chat customization 2

Exclusions: #

In this area, users can manage the display of the chat on certain pages:

  • Allows showing or hiding Gloria on specific pages, according to user preferences.
chat customization 3

It is important to ensure that the changes made in the avatar configuration and chat customization do not negatively affect the user experience.

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