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Automate your conversations effortlessly for Phone (Voice AI) WhatsApp Web SMS Email API

Easily and quickly train Gloria to align with your messaging and branding, and watch as she automatically qualifies and nurtures leads for you, across your social media and web platforms.

Why should we AutomatE sales
With AI?

100 %

is the growth that your business will experience if you start using marketing automation. [Smallbizgenius]

0 %

of salespeople cite prospecting as the hardest part of their job. [Hubspot]

0 %

of leads go to the vendor that responds first. Only 7% of companies respond during the first 5 minutes. [Vendata]


What can Gloria AI do?

Gloria AI™ quickly learns your business, becoming your best sales and customer service agent. She offers your clients and leads instant, human-level personalized responses, operating non-stop, 24/7, 365 days a year, across all your social platforms.

SMS, iMessage, Whatsapp integration with Autopilot.

Say goodbye to missed messages! With our upcoming SMS iMessage integration, your clients can text a number, and Gloria steps in to assist, providing personalized responses based on your business information. Plus, we’re providing a handy switch so you can decide when to personally handle your clients and when to let Gloria work her magic.

Automated Lead Capture

Gloria that seamlessly integrates into all your communication channels, effortlessly capturing potential leads. Whether it’s your website, social media platforms, email campaigns, or even live chat, Gloria is constantly at work, identifying and collecting valuable contact information from interested prospects.

Leads Capture

FAQs Module, Embedded Files
& Custom Actions

Empower Gloria with your FAQs, and she’ll adapt to your communication style, making every customer feel like they’re interacting directly with you. She’s equipped to respond with photos, PDFs, and helpful links, ensuring your customers get the information they need.

Live Chat Takeover

Get notifications whenever a visitor asks to talk to a human representative and jump into any conversation at your convenience. With Gloria, you can effortlessly take control of live chats, steering potential deals in the right direction with your personal touch.

...and many more

High-Quality Prompt Engineering

We dedicate ourselves daily to perfecting prompt engineering, a crucial element that determines the quality of a chatbot's response quality.

Email & SMS Notifications

Never miss an opportunity to engage with a future client. Receive immediate notifications via email and SMS whenever a new chat begins, so you can stay on top of every customer interaction.

Knowledge Base

Upload files, links, and text to build an extensive knowledge base Gloria can tap into during customer interactions. From hundreds of pages of detailed manuals and datasheets to essential business insights.

Voice Responses

We prioritize accessibility. Engage with Gloria effortlessly through audio, enhancing interactions to be more natural and engaging.

Full Brand Customization

Our platform is designed with a non-technical interface, making it accessible to everyone. Fully customize Gloria's appearance to match your brand, ensuring a consistent and professional look across all customer interactions.

Multilingual Support

Break down language barriers with real-time support in multiple languages, including optimized English and Spanish.

Dynamic Real-Time Chat conversations

Every interaction with Gloria is displayed in real-time on the session screen, providing visibility from the initial conversation to each subsequent message. This allows you to make informed decisions, gain insights into customer pain points, and create targeted marketing campaigns.

API as a Service, 4000 integrations

Merge her AI messaging and your business insights with over 4,000 popular applications, including Google and Microsoft Suite.




How can Gloria help
your business?

Enhanced Customer Service

Our advanced AI assistant is designed to handle customer inquiries with the same care and expertise as you would.

Flexible Pricing

Pay a small monthly fee for the service, additional charges are based on your actual usage, saving you money by separating subscription costs from usage expenses.

Time-saving Solution

Gloria's ability to identify potential customers over casual browsers ensures that time is used effectively by both you and your customers.

Specialized Advice

Gloria provides expert guidance by leveraging not only your business's entire knowledge base but also additional information you provide.

Lead Generation

By engaging with customers more effectively, Gloria helps you generate higher quality leads.

Faster Issue Resolution

Gloria reduces the time it takes to resolve customer issues, improving overall satisfaction.

Decreased Bounce Rates

Gloria's interaction with visitors can keep them on your website longer, which can positively impact your SEO metrics.

Audience Segmentation

Gloria helps you understand your audience's specific needs, allowing for targeted marketing campaigns.


Ask Us Anything

Can I try Gloria AI™ for free?

Yes! For all new Gloria AI™ users, we offer a Free Plan.

You can update the avatar, fonts, and colors to align with your brand.

We accept all major credit and debit cards and all payment methods supported by Stripe.

Yes, if you have paid for a year’s worth of Gloria AI™’s services and decide to cancel, you can reach out to us, and we will provide a refund based on the unused months.

Every month, you will have access to new features, improvements, and fixes for potential issues. You can refer to our roadmap for more information about the enhancements and features we have planned for the upcoming months. You can also check our change log in our help section.