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Welcome to the FAQs section provided by Gloria AI. This interactive guide is designed to help clients of Gloria AI understand how to use this feature to support their customers humanly and effectively.

How to Use the FAQs Feature #

Gloria AI’s FAQ section is a powerful tool that allows you to offer instant, human-like responses to the most common questions by your customers.

Here’s how you can implement and optimize the FAQs feature:

Features FAQs 1
Features FAQs 2

New Entry: #

This section allows you to tailor the questions and answers to fit the specific needs of your customer base.

Features FAQs 3
  • Questions. Based on the context of the conversation, Gloria will take key aspects of the question you record to address your users’ requirements instantly, even if it’s not the same question.
Features FAQs 4
  • Answers. Keep in mind that the answer you provide should be as human as possible. We also recommend answers that guide the user to take the actions you need within their customer journey.
Features FAQs 5
  • Resources. The purpose of resources is to add images or pdf files to complement the FAQs. In this case we added the available schedules for the client’s reservation.
Features FAQs 6
Features FAQs 7
  • Actions. Actions will allow you to offer options for your visitors to take a specific step based on their questions, this includes phone, mail or links.
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Features FAQs 9
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Final Answer: #

Now the information is available and visible on the FAQs dashboard.

Features FAQs 11

Once you see your FAQ on the dashboard, you can added to suggested questions, so your visitors can ask Gloria what they need in a faster way. Also you can eliminate or edit the question anytime you want.

Features FAQs 12

Once that your FAQ is placed, you can try asking Gloria AI to make sure she provide the answer you want.

Features FAQs 13

Remember, while Gloria AI provides instant, automated responses, it’s also important to provide a pathway for customers to connect with a human agent if their query requires personal attention. Always ensure that there is an option for customers to escalate their concerns for a more personalized service experience.

We hope this guide helps you understand how to effectively use the FAQs feature to provide excellent customer service. If you need further assistance or have any questions about setting up or optimizing your FAQs, please reach out to our support team. We’re here to ensure your customers always have the help they need, just when they need it.