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How to Upgrade Plans in the Gloria App

Depending on the features you need: more messages, customized Gloria, live chat, a Gloria expert assisting you, or even connecting her with SMS, WhatsApp, Email, Zapier, or even API, you can change your free plan any time you want.

With this simple tutorial, you will be able to switch from your free plan to one of our paid plans easily.

UpgradePlans 1

Once your configuration dashboard is displayed, inside the Home section, you will see the name of your tenant in the middle part, with all the information related about your plan.

In this case, it is the free plan and we want to upgrade it to Essential.

UpgradePlans 2

Once you click Upgrade Plan, the dashboard will open the Settings → Billing section.

Click again on Upgrade Plan and then you can choose the most convenient plan for you:

UpgradePlans 3

Then you can choose the plan you need and click on subscribe, and a screen will be displayed where you can pay with any card, Google Play or Cash App Pay.