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Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is a fundamental section of Gloria AI’s back office, designed to allow users to upload and manage the information used to train Gloria. This information encompasses a variety of types, including text, local files, and links.

Features KnowledgeBase 1

Content Types: #

  • Local Files: List of files uploaded directly from the device.
  • Links: List of added URL links.
  • Text: List of uploaded text fragments.
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Features KnowledgeBase 3

Content Upload #

Content upload is facilitated through various options detailed below:

  • Drag and Drop: Allows uploading local files by dragging and dropping them into the “Local Files” section.
  • Select Files: Offers the ability to upload local files by selecting them from the device.
  • Paste Link: Allows adding copied links directly into the “Links” section.
  • Paste Text: Facilitates text upload by pasting it directly into the “Text” section.

Content Management #

In the “Sources” section, users can access all uploaded content. To facilitate management:

  • Text Editing: If text or a document with text has been uploaded, clicking on it activates edit mode to make changes and update it as necessary.
Features KnowledgeBase 4
  • Link Removal: For URLs, users have the option to delete them if they are no longer relevant or necessary.
Features KnowledgeBase 5

Knowledge Base provides an intuitive and organized interface for uploading, managing, and viewing the essential content for Gloria’s training. This function is crucial to ensure that Gloria can provide accurate and relevant responses to customer queries, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.