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Top 25+ AI Websites to Transform Your Business

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Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing businesses worldwide as AI websites automate tasks and dramatically improve productivity. AI can go beyond tasks and act as your business representative with conversational AI tools like Gloria AI. Conversational AI chatbots allow companies to engage customers, qualify leads, and instantly provide customer support by absorbing all the information on your website. You can even use AI as a low-cost sales assistant. 

We’re just over a year into the age of AI, but its impact on business operations is creating unprecedented change. That’s why if you’re not using AI in 2024, then you’re falling behind your competition. Check out these 25+ AI websites and tools to start your company’s digital transformation.

Did You Know AI has a 350% ROI?

98% of executives believe that AI models will play a critical role in their businesses in the next three years. Luckily, many AI websites and solutions can implement natural language processing (NLP) assistants and bots to grow your business. 

In fact, companies are making $3.5 for every $1 invested in AI.

AI technology is scalable, customizable, and provides a stellar return on investment. That’s why AI is here to stay. 

We’ve listed 25+ powerful AI websites that will amplify your business results.

Top AI Websites to Try to in 2024

Conversational AI can have a measurable impact on marketing and sales processes. AI chatbots engage website visitors to assist browsing, qualify promising leads, nurture relationships, educate customers, and drive conversions. AI copywriting tools also create highly targeted messaging and campaigns to spur growth.

1. Gloria AI

Utilizing the power of the GPT and NLP, Gloria AI™ is the most human-like AI chatbot that engages in natural conversation with true-to-life interactions that help you do business with speed and reliability. Gloria AI™ will act as your own sales and customer service representative, by learning about your business in minutes and treating your customers as if they were you.

Try Gloria AI™ on your website for FREE!

2. HubSpot

HubSpot’s all-in-one suite for inbound marketing, sales, and service features chatbot tools to qualify leads, book meetings, capture subscribers, and automate workflows. Their AI assistant platform builds bots across multiple messaging channels without coding. Users also get lead and bot analytics to continually optimize results. Overall, HubSpot accelerates conversions by growing website traffic, generating leads, and aligning sales and marketing.

3. SharpSpring

SharpSpring specializes in affordable revenue acceleration software for digital marketing agencies and small businesses. Their suite of marketing automation tools delivers more leads, nurtures contacts, optimizes conversions, runs multi-channel campaigns, and reveals data-driven insights. SharpSpring also offers intelligent chatbots to capture more leads from website visitors and book more sales demos around the clock. These custom bots can be designed without any coding knowledge.

4. Yesware

Yesware concentrates on sales productivity software to help teams convert more pipelines into closed deals. The main features include email tracking, email templates, CRM integration, follow-up reminders, and sales analytics. Yesware also has easy-to-use chatbots for qualifying inbound leads and conveniently scheduling meetings. Additional tools grow pipelines faster by driving rapid email replies, increasing sends, and tracking email engagement.

5. Phrasee

Phrasee provides advanced AI copywriting software to engage each audience and channel better than ever before. Their natural language generation platform analyzes data to identify optimal messaging styles and high-performing languages. Phrasee then applies proprietary NLG algorithms to write subject lines, social posts, landing pages, website content, emails, and ads. An intuitive paraphrase assistant also allows for personalized message adaptations at scale.

6. is another versatile AI writing assistant and content generator for marketing teams. Custom outlines and tone parameters produce SEO-friendly long-form blog posts, ebooks, product descriptions, Facebook and Google ads, website content, and landing pages. Teams can automate repetitive copywriting tasks to elevate results significantly.

7. Personify

Personify furnishes proven conversational commerce tools to boost marketing, sales, and service. Their interactive AI chatbots qualify leads on websites, educate prospects across devices, capture data for follow-up, route inquiries to the right reps, and drive online and in-store sales. Omnichannel deployment options include websites, mobile apps, SMS, social media, digital signs, and voice assistants.

8. Conversica

Conversica specializes in conversational AI sales assistants that act as virtual team members. Their human-like sales bots reach out to every lead via email or SMS to spark conversations, build rapport, and accelerate pipeline velocity. Conversica handles the heavy lifting of lead engagement while providing managers with clear visibility into deal progress through the sales funnel. The AI assistants are proven to engage 40 percent of leads and opportunities for sales teams.

9. Adobe Marketo Engage

Adobe Marketo Engage is an industry-leading demand generation platform built for complex, long sales cycle businesses. Standout capabilities range from multi-touch lead nurturing campaigns to hyper-targeted customer journeys to in-depth performance analysis. Marketo also integrates conversational AI tools to create chatbots—without coding—for common needs like lead capture, event promotion, lead qualification, and scheduling. Additional proprietary AI components build focused audiences and optimize the end-to-end conversion process.

10. Pardot

Salesforce’s Pardot is a full-featured B2B marketing automation suite. Standout tools assist with segmented lead nurturing, multi-channel drip campaigns, a WYSIWYG email editor, and closed-loop reporting on marketing impact on pipeline and revenue. Chatbot integration enables teams to instantly capture more leads from websites, promote events, provide 24/7 self-service for FAQs, and book qualified sales meetings. Further seamless integration with Sales Cloud optimizes conversions by aligning marketing and sales workflows.

11. ActiveCampaign

AciveCampaign’s customer experience automation platform combines email marketing, sales automation, and lightweight CRM capabilities in one powerful integrated suite. The main features include professional email campaigns, intelligent automation and workflows, customizable forms and landing pages, and 360-degree customer insight. Their conversational marketing tool empowers users to design highly effective chatbots without any coding for common needs like lead capture, event promotion, customer research, and online sales.

12. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a leading B2B lead generation solution built to uncover anonymous website visitors ready to buy. Their state-of-the-art tools anonymously track enterprise web traffic to intelligently identify high-value prospects by company, job title, and other attributes. Dashboard and email notifications inform sales teams of the best targets to engage. Users also see real visitor activity behind each lead to inform effective outreach. Leadfeeder seamlessly integrates with popular marketing, sales, and CRM suites to close more deals faster.

13. Outfunnel

Outfunnel provides a complete chatbot creation platform tailored for high-performance marketing and sales teams. Their visual bot builder and conversational AI technology allow for capturing leads, qualifying prospects, scheduling meetings, educating customers, promoting events, and closing sales. Flexible omnichannel deployment, campaign analytics, and integration with marketing tool stacks enable advanced automation with proven ROI.

14. Driftrock

Driftrock provides an intuitive chatbot builder for websites to increase lead conversion rates instantly. Nontechnical users can visually design multi-page conversational flows with logic, variables, custom styles, media, and conditional rules. Granular chatbot analytics reveal rich lead intelligence to inform effective sales follow-up and acceleration. Seamless CRM integration also connects marketing automation with sales workflows.

Customer Service and Support AI Platforms

AI-enhanced chatbots and virtual agents are revolutionizing customer service and support across industries. These intelligent self-service assistants efficiently handle high volumes of routine inquiries to decrease overall call volumes. They also provide 24/7 multi-channel assistance to dramatically improve customer satisfaction.

15. Ada

Ada supports enterprise companies in elevating the customer experience by providing an industry-leading conversational AI platform. Their no-code bot builder helps customer service teams automate resolutions for common inquiries, drive self-service conversions, and resolve issues quickly. Fuller visibility into rising customer issues also enables continual improvements over time. 

16. Help Scout

Help Scout delivers excellent email-based customer service software for their core competency while offering customers conversational AI capabilities. Standout features for collaborative teams include shared inboxes, multi-threaded email conversations, automation workflows, help desk customization, and actionable support analytics. Users can also create strategic no-code chatbots with drag-and-drop dialog builders to instantly answer frequently asked questions, qualify promising leads for sales, conveniently schedule meetings, and seamlessly collect customer feedback.

17. Intercom

Intercom leads the broader market for deep conversational customer engagement spanning marketing, sales, and support. Their full-spectrum platform truly enables businesses to deliver messaging experiences that feel like helpful one-on-one conversations. Capabilities range from chatbots to live chat to knowledge bases and technical support—all trackable across web, mobile, and desktop apps.

Businesses can resolve customer issues instantly, engage website visitors, capture more leads, support products, and provide proactive engagement. The chatbots are convenient to build without any coding or developers required.

18. Zendesk

Zendesk provides trusted customer service software designed for large enterprise businesses. Their suite offers complete omnichannel flexibility, combining calls, live chats, social media, community forums, email support, self-service, and external sources. Unified ticketing and advanced analytics provide comprehensive visibility. Zendesk enables the efficient creation of AI chatbots to deflect common inquiries, capture more leads, promote events, qualify prospects, and scale customer support. 

19. Freshdesk

Freshdesk provides full-featured cloud-based customer support software designed for companies of all sizes. Main capabilities include:

  • Multi-channel ticket management
  • Advanced business rules automation
  • Service-level agreement (SLA) tracking
  • Custom views
  • Actionable support analytics

Users can also quickly implement AI-powered chatbots to instantly resolve high-volume routine support tickets and recurring customer issues around the clock. Intuitive bot builders require no coding or special skills.

20. Userlike

Userlike is a European live chat software provider offering exceptional capabilities plus AI integration. Standout features include unlimited chat agents, custom agent status settings, real-time performance metrics, advanced targeting rules, and behavioral automation based on chat analytics. Userlike also furnishes intuitive chatbots for common needs like lead capture, customer research surveys, FAQ self-service, and 24/7 question answering across platforms.

21. LiveChat

LiveChat provides live chat solutions designed for sales and customer service teams to engage visitors in real-time conversations. The main features allow chatting with browsing visitors, tracking detailed behavioral profiles, deeply integrating popular business apps, and analyzing conversion data. LiveChat also empowers the easy creation of chatbots—without any coding—to execute lead capture, lead qualification, event promotion, and resolution of common customer issues.

Additional AI Solutions

Looking beyond marketing, sales, and support chatbots, many additional conversational AI platforms and solutions can build customized voice-enabled applications.

22. Rasa

Rasa provides free, open-source machine learning frameworks for developers to build custom contextual AI chatbots, voice assistants, and AI-powered apps tailored to any industry. Their tools support creating assistants for use cases like lead qualification, customer service, conversational commerce, and enterprise integrations. Extensive documentation and pretrained models accelerate prototyping, allowing limitless customization for production-grade solutions.

23. Dialogflow

Dialogflow is Google Cloud’s leading conversational AI platform for building chatbots and voice and phone agents. Prebuilt NLP modules enable natural language understanding out of the box. Seamless integrations with contact centers, telephony, and digital channels also accelerate deployments. 

Dialogflow empowers the creation of virtual agents of any complexity for intelligent brand interactions across devices. Users also get advanced analytics on language usage, conversations, and intents to optimize the automated experience over time.

24. Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex allows developers to build sophisticated conversational AI capabilities using the same proven technologies that power Alexa. Diverse use cases range from customizable chatbots to fully voice-enabled apps on virtually any device. This scalable platform enables enterprises worldwide to rapidly deploy natural language solutions powered by machine learning. Pay-as-you-go pricing also allows for unlimited use cases without upfront costs or reservations.

25. Microsoft Azure Bot Service

Microsoft Azure Bot Service provides trusted tools to develop AI-powered bots for diverse enterprise scenarios targeting web, phones, and mobile devices. Their end-to-end development suite can build assistive apps across programming languages and leverage proven Azure cloud services and prebuilt models. Streamlined workflows publish tailored, industry-focused conversational AI solutions. Users gain granular analytics and dashboards to track conversations, usage, performance, and satisfaction.

26. IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson Assistant enables teams to rapidly research, build, and deploy AI-powered digital assistants across customer touchpoints and business workflows. The platform furnishes versatile tools to embed conversational capabilities into websites, devices, and virtual agents without needing data scientists. Robust content catalogs, natural language models, and customization toolkits simplify development for enterprise-grade production needs. Watson accelerates ROI by enhancing self-service, personalization, and automation at scale.

27. ManyChat

ManyChat is an easy graphic platform, allowing anyone to design AI chatbots for Facebook Messenger without any coding or technical skills needed. Their tools help marketers capture more leads, segment audiences, create multi-step follower journeys, set up email and SMS reminders, integrate popular apps, and analyze bot metrics. 

ManyChat enhances the performance of Facebook ad campaigns while consolidating fan interactions into one centralized, automated hub. Seamless integration with email and CRM suites enables targeted promotions and loyalty programs through Messenger bots.

The Bottom Line

Real-world applications of AI websites, tools, and chatbots span an incredibly diverse spectrum, with enterprise use cases constantly growing. Intelligent personal assistants now allow for increasing revenue by better engaging customers, capturing more leads, resolving recurring issues instantly, and matching ideal prospects to appropriate sales reps.

Prioritize conversational AI initiatives, gain a competitive advantage, and lead the next evolution of consumer experiences. Invest in an AI platform for customizable features and start maximizing the effectiveness of sales, marketing, and support functions through cutting-edge automation. 

Make Gloria your business ally and engage customers with natural interactions. Our AI assistant delivers authentic, personalized conversations and innovative features to help you do business better.

Ready to take your customer support to the next level? Try Gloria AI™ on your website for free!

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