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How A Conversational AI Chatbot Improves Engagement & Conversions

The conversational AI chatbot has become an integral part of many businesses in the modern digital world. Currently, reducing staff’s workloads and placing mundane tasks on the AI’s to-do list are some of the most compelling reasons to adopt this technology, but it doesn’t stop there.  Think about what consumers demand from any website or […]

Will AI Replace Data Analyst Jobs?

If you’ve established yourself in the data analytics field, you’re probably wondering; will AI replace data analysts? AI can automate certain aspects of data analysis but won’t replace the valuable skills these professionals bring to the table. AI technology is poised to revolutionize different job functions, including the data analyst sector. This has been the […]

The Many Pros and Cons of AI in Healthcare Explained

The introduction of AI in healthcare is set to revolutionize medical practice through advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities.  AI analyzes vast amounts of patient data to enhance diagnosis accuracy, treatment efficacy, and personalized care. From interpreting medical images to predicting disease progression, AI streamlines processes and enables healthcare professionals to focus on patient interactions.  […]

How to Better Understand Customer Needs with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing business practices, especially in customer relationship management (CRM). Traditional CRM methods are outdated, requiring more sophisticated solutions to manage customer relationships. Understanding customer needs is crucial to staying ahead in today’s competitive digital economy. Success requires understanding that every customer has specific needs, preferences, and challenges. Fortunately, the introduction of […]

The Economic Impact of AI in Healthcare

The economic impact of AI in healthcare keeps growing as the world’s population ages. AI controls cost increases by making processes more efficient. Tools like automated diagnostics, predictive analytics, virtual nursing chatbots, and robotic surgeries will continue to expand AI’s economic impact in healthcare over the coming decades. AI Innovation Saves Money The economic impact […]

How to Use AI to Improve Customer Engagement Metrics

Leading brands are already using AI to boost customer engagement. Are you? In today’s ultra-competitive digital economy, companies need to retain clients and customers, while simultaneously generating new sales. It’s not an easy feat. That’s why you need to deploy a conversational AI chatbot like Gloria AI™ to alleviate your workload. Tracking key engagement metrics […]

What Is Hyperautomation? Top Benefits & Examples

Hyperautomation is used to streamline repetitive tasks in order to boost efficiency and significantly lower a company’s costs of operation. It’s a strategic approach that can transform your business by utilizing a combination of technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics. At its core, hyperautomation unlocks unprecedented levels of productivity by cutting costs, […]

The 10 Best Free AI Alternatives to ChatGPT

ChatGPT has fundamentally changed how we approach work.  Since ChatGPT-3 was released by the non-profit OpenAI in November 2022, it has amassed over 180.5 million users and showing no signs of slowing down. ChatGPT-4, powered by OpenAI’s latest natural language processing (NLP) model, is able to comprehend complex human instructions through prompts and can respond […]

How AI is Impacting Customer Happiness in 2024

In 2024, customer support expectations are sky-high, but attention spans are at record lows. That’s why conversational AI chatbots are a game-changer for customer support.  Thanks to AI, every interaction with a brand’s website can be personalized, and you can receive the answers you’re looking for instantly, without waiting on hold for hours just to […]

Top 25+ AI Websites to Transform Your Business

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing businesses worldwide as AI websites automate tasks and dramatically improve productivity. AI can go beyond tasks and act as your business representative with conversational AI tools like Gloria AI. Conversational AI chatbots allow companies to engage customers, qualify leads, and instantly provide customer support by absorbing all the information on your […]