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How A Conversational AI Chatbot Improves Engagement & Conversions

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The conversational AI chatbot has become an integral part of many businesses in the modern digital world. Currently, reducing staff’s workloads and placing mundane tasks on the AI’s to-do list are some of the most compelling reasons to adopt this technology, but it doesn’t stop there. 

Think about what consumers demand from any website or company they are doing business with. Customization, customer satisfaction, and a positive experience are at the top of the list.

To improve sales and drive more conversions, businesses must prioritize the way they engage and interact with their customers.

AI chatbots play a pivotal role in improving these foundational pillars of any business, and it doesn’t take long to teach them how.

The Power of AI Chatbots to Improve Engagement

With the speed at which AI is currently developing, new use cases and strategies for conversational chatbots are discovered every day. Here’s what we know for sure. 

Customer Happiness

AI elevates customer happiness by establishing an emotional connection and fostering loyalty, which creates loyal fans who will recommend your business to their communities. 

With 92 percent of consumers trusting recommendations from friends and family over traditional advertising, it’s apparent that prioritizing customer experience and satisfaction will only help your business grow and flourish. 


The constant availability of AI chatbots encourages customers and leads to return to your website. Whether a repeat customer or simply browsing, people will learn that your business offers a consistent experience by having a positive interaction with a chatbot. 

With this experience in mind, the chances are good that they will return to your website to make a purchase at some point. 

Competitive Advantage

Any online retailer will agree that the competition is fierce, with no let-up in sight. With dozens (or hundreds) of brands similar to yours, finding a leg-up against the competition is necessary for a company’s survival. Chatbots offer a competitive advantage against websites that provide an insufficient customer experience. 

Seamless Experiences

Conversational platforms allow customers to explain their needs or issues in their own words rather than having to select from preset options or an IVR menu. A free-flowing dialogue reduces customer frustration and improves the flow of operations, resolving issues faster and with fewer headaches.

With the speed at which AI is currently developing, new use cases and strategies for conversational chatbots are discovered every day. Here’s what we know for sure. 

Using an AI Chatbot for Sales & Customer Experience 

If you have an online store, you may have thought about putting an ecommerce AI chatbot on your website. 

The benefits are robust—from improving customer satisfaction to making product recommendations, there are so many ways chatbots like Gloria can positively impact your business. Here are a few more use cases to consider.

1. Collect Customer Feedback

Providing feedback is an important part of the customer journey, and it can improve customer satisfaction, too. How so? 

Your customers want to feel like their opinions matter, so giving them the opportunity to share their experiences is empowering and can even secure their loyalty to your business. 

A conversational AI chatbot can collect this feedback for you simply by integrating one on your website. In this interaction, your customers can share:

  • How their experience was shopping on your website
  • What can be improved
  • If the products match their expectations

You can either have your chatbot have a direct conversation with the customers who agree to answer a few quick questions or have the bot send them a link to complete the survey. 

Feedback encourages transparency between a brand and its customers, improves brand loyalty, and creates a community of repeat customers.

2. 24/7 Support

If you sell products globally, your customers are located in many different time zones, which can make customer support a heavy cross to bear. Offering 24/7 live human support is a substantial cost for any company, but AI chatbots can do it easily and for a fraction of the price. 

Here’s how it works: whenever someone visits your website, the chatbot is engaged and prepared to have an authentic, human-like conversation. Whether it’s answering a product question, offering shipping updates, or handling any other issue, AI chatbots have it covered. 

3. Lead Generation

As popular as lead generation pop-ups have been in recent years, they can ruin the user experience overall. You know what we’re talking about—you visit a website, and right as you begin to scroll, a pop-up prompts you to provide your email address. Not exactly the smoothest way to gain someone’s contact information, and consumers rarely provide the data. 

Instead of this aggressive method of lead generation, AI chatbots can hold a genuine conversation with website visitors, gain valuable information about what they’re shopping for, and collect their email addresses in a less intrusive way. This not only engages interested shoppers but can turn one-off visitors into warm leads! 

4. Product Recommendations 

Based on the data chatbots know about your customers, they can make personalized product recommendations within a chat conversation. 

Using unique customer data and their shopping history, your chatbot can help customers shop your site and find new products they’ll love. 

For example, say a previous customer purchased a handbag on your website in the last few months. With this information, the chatbot can make suggestions of products that pair well with the bag, like sunglasses, accessories, or jewelry.

5. Marketing Efforts

As an online retailer, you should always market your products and offerings in any setting. A chatbot can play a pivotal role in this effort. 

A marketing chatbot can share promotional codes with shoppers, offer free shipping on orders, and otherwise guide each customer through their journey on your website. 

Many chatbots integrate with social media channels so they can showcase your products with leads and customers on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

Supercharge Your Engagement & Conversions with Gloria AI

There’s no limit to the ways your business can benefit from a conversational AI chatbot on your website. Whether you’re selling products, offering unique services, or educating visitors, Gloria AI can level up customer experience in every way. 

Interested in exploring Gloria AI? Sign up for a free trial today—no credit card required!

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