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How to Use AI to Improve Customer Engagement Metrics

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Leading brands are already using AI to boost customer engagement. Are you?

In today’s ultra-competitive digital economy, companies need to retain clients and customers, while simultaneously generating new sales. It’s not an easy feat. That’s why you need to deploy a conversational AI chatbot like Gloria AI™ to alleviate your workload. Tracking key engagement metrics and leveraging AI systems’ distinct advantages reduces your churn rate by providing exceptional customer service 24/7. 

Find out why you should consider installing an AI chatbot on your website. 

Top Customer Engagement Metrics to Track in 2024

Innovative companies are already using AI to improve customer engagement, including 28% of retail businesses. Customer engagement represents a measure of how positively clients interact with your brand across touchpoints. Metrics quantifying engagement success include:

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

CSAT scores gauge how users feel about service interactions, product performance, and overall brand affinity. Higher scores signal positive experiences during a discrete transaction.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

NPS measures customer loyalty and willingness to recommend your company to others. The metric categorizes clients as promoters, passives, or detractors.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

CLV represents total revenues generated from a client throughout your entire relationship, from acquisition to churn. Maximizing engagement boosts CLTV via expanded purchases, renewals, and referrals.

Churn Rate

The inverse of customer loyalty, churn rate reflects the percentage of clients who completely cease using your products/services within a date range. 

Together, these metrics spotlight successes or friction points that uphold customer engagement and indicate risks that jeopardize growth if neglected. 

How AI Impacts Customer Engagement

Traditional email, social media, web ads, and customer service channels tend to facilitate one-way passive brand messaging aimed at current or prospective audiences, but AI applications like chatbots fundamentally transform once-static interactions into free-flowing, natural conversations that emulate human-to-human connection. AI-powered tools have a variety of benefits, including:

1. Personalization

AI chatbots integrate with CRM systems to access individual user transaction histories, behaviors, preferences, and communication records. This data allows you to tailor messaging or support conversations towards specific client needs versus batch-and-blast communications sent en masse. The personalized interactions feel more authentic, thoughtful, and satisfying, especially across repeat engagements.

2. 24/7 Availability

Unlike human customer service reps working set schedules, AI chatbots offer around-the-clock instantaneous assistance and advice without relying on time zones or budget-busting 24/7 staffing. Their always-available responsiveness at any hour or day facilitates issues getting resolved at the exact moment users require help, boosting positive perceptions and speeding up problem resolution.

3. Proactive Engagement

Beyond reactive responses, AI moves customer interactions to proactive stances. For example, by tracking site behavioral data, chatbots can sense indicators of cart abandonment risks based on users’ page clicks and then actively nudge them to complete purchases before exiting. 

4. Emotion Detection

Using advanced natural language processing and machine learning capabilities, AI chatbots can detect the underlying emotional sentiment within written or voice client inquiries, independent of the actual vocabulary used. Nuanced responses can change the tone as needed or pass frustrated customers on to human representatives before their impression becomes cemented. 

5. Continual Improvement

Chatbots continually absorb new conversational patterns from each customer interaction. Across millions of access points, the collective knowledge compounded daily allows AI to perpetually hone its abilities by answering questions, calming frustrations, and independently resolving issues.

6. Improved Customer Satisfaction

Client frustrations frequently boil over from disjointed brand experiences across channels, inconsistent information from reps, and delays in resolving account issues. AI provides ownership of consistently delighting users with instant, tailored assistance, as rising CSAT or NPS scores confirm from pre-AI era baselines. Happy customers are less likely to abandon brands they trust.

7. Reduced Customer Effort

One churn catalyst is users wasting precious personal time fighting to get questions answered or fixing problems alone when self-service account tools fail or contact forms go unreturned. Human support may take hours or days to respond amid overflowing inboxes, but AI chatbots often resolve inquiries within two minutes. Saving customers’ effort often leads to increased usage cycles before reevaluation risks develop.

8. Increased Customer Lifetime Value

Bit by bit across hundreds or thousands of personalized cross-channel touchpoints, AI chatbots build affinity and trust in your brand with daily frictionless interactions. This loyalty acts as a protective buffer before customers consider competitors, while the expanded product usage simultaneously grows CLTV tallies. Brand loyalty increases further when AI proactively nurtures add-on purchases or referral opportunities that other companies miss.

9. Ongoing Value Creation

Another simmering churn trigger is customers forgetting why they initially signed up due to using the same static features. AI allows for continually surprising and delighting users with tailored content about personalized product optimizations, new features that match their needs, curated promotions, or relevant blog content while composing messages.

How Implementing AI to Boost Metrics

Follow these best practices when deploying AI chatbots like Gloria to amplify engagement and retention:

Identify Target Goals

Quantify baseline CSAT, NPS, or churn rates based on current engagement capabilities—or the lack thereof. Establish measurable target timelines for when AI should deliver a tangible metric lift. Set ongoing quarterly goals around continual optimization versus one-off initiatives. Focused KPIs guide feature priorities that benefit clients rather than chasing vanity tech metrics.

Choose the Optimal AI Foundation

Seek conversational AI solutions offering NLP capabilities that outperform basic chatbots dependent on stale keyword triggers or flowchart script planning. Confirm tooling to allow branded personality infusion across all user touchpoints.

Platform breadth enables adaptive deployments across mobile, web, offline applications, and newer emerging channels. Ensure the provider shares your commitment to evolve AI capabilities perpetually based on real customer behavioral data signals versus theoretical limitations.

Data Strategies

Carefully audit and restructure CRM systems around capturing clean, consistent records of individual customer preferences, behaviors, and messaging histories. Identify gaps preventing unified profiles and proactively feed expanded intelligence into AI engines so personalization and predictions keep improving based on each person’s evolving lifecycle stage. Monitor target metric lifts monthly to validate AI impact before improvements plateau.

Why Install the Gloria AI™ Plugin

Gloria AI™ delivers the immense customer engagement advantages that AI chatbots leverage NLP, far surpassing simplistic and outdated rule-based conversations.

Omnichannel Presence

Businesses frequently must cobble together disjointed tools to facilitate human-like text chats on websites, scripted bots answering basic Facebook questions, form-response email auto-replies, and isolated offline voice assistants. Gloria AI™’s unified platform deploys a single AI persona across the website, social media, email, mobile app, live voice, and most channels that businesses rely on each day. 

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

As the most human-like chatbot, Gloria AI™ outpaces most chatbots, which are limited to just recognizing keywords, mapping pre-planned response triggers, or relying on rigid scripts. Gloria instead understands free-form sentences that clients naturally use with advanced NLP powers before formulating helpful responses or taking requested actions. The humanized back-and-forth conversations fueled by AI intellect boost rapport and satisfaction beyond stilted small talk.

Perpetual Learning Brain

Gloria AI™ continually absorbs new contextual word patterns, trending questions, and improved responses from millions of access points as clients interact across any channel. Knowledge compounds daily, allowing Gloria AI™ to perpetually hone consultation abilities such as understanding queries better, resolving new issues independently, and sharpening emotionally savvy responses. 

The Bottom Line

Companies that leverage solutions are pioneering the next generation of customer engagement capabilities, lifting the burden from clients and staff. Utilizing key metrics like CSAT, NPS, and CLTV improves your overall customer engagement. Let Gloria AI™ reduce your churn rate and put your business on the path to exponential growth. 

Ready to take your customer support to the next level? Try Gloria AI™ on your website for free!

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