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About Gloria AI

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With the power of advanced AI tech like GPT and NLP, Gloria AI™ engages in natural conversations and true-to-life interactions that help you do business with speed and reliability. 

How did we come up with Gloria AI™?

Gloria AI™, our AI assistant, takes its name from the Latin word for ‘glory,’ and it’s not by chance. This name captures the essence of what we stand for: brilliance and excellence in intelligent technology. Gloria AI™ reflects our dedication to delivering a personalized, human-like experience that sets us apart.

But it’s more than just a name; it’s a symbol of diversity and unity within our team. Our group is a blend of diverse backgrounds and talents, and Gloria AI™ is a tribute to our collaborative spirit. It represents both our team’s rich heritage and our commitment to innovation in the world of AI-driven assistance.

Our journey with Gloria AI™ is guided by a simple idea: to redefine the AI assistant experience so it works hand in hand with human users. We aim to provide an authentic, human-like interaction that surpasses past disappointments. Gloria AI™ is more than a name; it’s a promise to make technology relatable and personal. 

Our Team

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We are Webtronic Labs, a Professional Design & Development Agency that will build you an affordable and scalable software solution, aiming for the best enterprise-grade quality that businesses and startups can possess.

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Most Common Questions Asked by Our Customers

Yes! For all new Gloria AI™ users, we offer a Free Plan.

You can update the avatar, fonts, and colors to align with your brand.

We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as all payment methods supported by Stripe.

Yes, if you have paid for a year’s worth of Gloria AI™’s services and decide to cancel, you can reach out to us, and we will provide a refund based on the unused months.

Every month, you will have access to new features, improvements, and fixes for potential issues. You can refer to our roadmap for more information about the enhancements and features we have planned for the upcoming months. You can also check our change log in our help section.

Yes! If you have your own Open AI API Key, contact us and you will have a special discount on your selected plan.