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Conversational AI for Real Estate

Are you tired of losing real estate leads due to a slow response time? Introducing Gloria, the AI assistant that never sleeps, ensuring every potential client receives an instant, personalized reply.

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Close More Real Estate Deals with AI

Gloria AI™ is your 24/7 virtual assistant designed to revolutionize how real estate agents interact with clients on their website. With Gloria, bridge the gap between digital efficiency and human interaction, ensuring every prospect has a great experience with your brand.

AI Hyper Learns​ About Your Business

Gloria AI™ absorbs property listings, FAQs, and your unique approach in seconds. This means Gloria can guide buyers on properties available, answer complex questions about neighborhoods, schools, and other local amenities, and even assist sellers and buyers with queries about the listing process—all with the nuance and knowledge of a veteran real estate agent.

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Automate Real Estate Prospect Qualifying and Nurturing

Gloria AI™ helps real estate agents separate serious inquiries from casual browsers, ensuring you focus on leads with the highest potential to close. She engages potential clients with personalized conversations, collects essential contact information, and schedules viewings, allowing you to concentrate on closing more deals.

Multilingual Client Support​

Expand your market and demographic reach with Gloria AI™’s real-time multilingual customer support 24/7. Whether your clients speak English or Spanish, Gloria shares accurate information about your services effortlessly, so nothing is lost in translation.

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Turn More Clicks
Into Clients

Take your customer service to the next level with Gloria AI™ as your virtual assistant. Sign up today and experience firsthand how AI can help you close more deals. It’s not just about staying ahead; it’s about setting a new standard for client experience in the real estate industry.